Wikis: Wikispaces and PBWorks

A wiki is a [[#|website]] that allows it's users to add, edit, or delete content via a web browser. Most wikis are created for collaborative purposes, though some are only used for personal content by one user. Wiki [[#|creators]] have control over the different functions of the site and also who is allowed access to the site. A wiki can be made private or public. Members can be added to the site through an e-mail invitation from the Wiki creator, or the wiki can be made public in which anyone can contribute to the site. Wiki creators can restrict editing features of it's members and public users if they wish. There are a few wiki sites out there, however my favorites are PBWorks and Wikispaces because of their user friendly features.

Wikis serve many different purposes:

  • They can be used for notetaking or collecting information on one specific topic or area.
  • They can be community websites where many users share information and add content.
  • They can become a personal [[#|website]] for one user to add content on whatever they wish.
  • There are Wikis [[#|for education]], buisnesses, and for personal use.

Cost and Who can Use it?

Wikis are free to create. Anyone with an e-mail account can [[#|create a]] wiki. I personally have 3 wikis on wikispaces right now, all being used for educational purposes. I also am a member of a PBWorks site that all the Library Media Specialists share in our school district.

Ideas for Use in the Classroom/Learning Environment:

  • Teacher site: The teacher can [[#|create a]] wiki that serves as a [[#|personal website]] for their students to access and communicate.
  • Student site: A wiki can be set up [[#|for students]] to present information on a specific topic or academic area.
  • Assessment: Great tool for teachers to assess student's understanding of a topic or assignment as well.
  • Groups, Teams, Organizations, Clubs: Great way for all members to communicate and add content.

Examples: Here are some screenshots one of my Wikis.

Briarwood Battle of the Books 2012 Wiki:
These pictures are from my Battle of the Books Wiki I created for my team. There are five 4th graders on my team and we meet weekly to go over the books that will be in the competition. The competition consists of questions from a list of 20 selected books. There are 6 teams that will be competing against each other in April. After 3 rounds of competiton, the winners will be announced. Each page in the wiki is for one book in the competition. There is a book summary, video book trailer, plot and character details, along with possible questions that might be asked during the competition on each page. This is meant to be a study tool for my group.
Battle of Books Wiki.png
Battle of the Books Wiki2.png

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