Everybody learns differently and no two people study the same way. Even when reviewing identical materials, students see the page differently, process information differently and find the work easier or harder on very personal ranges of difficulty.

The genius and challenge of teaching and of educational systems and schools, is that learning is tackled – mostly successfully - on such a huge scale. What all students do have in common is that they need to study. How that happens and what that looks like has changed over the years.

Computers: at-home desktops, laptops, handheld devices and mobile technology, have created new opportunities and options for studying.

Among the new tools available to students is Quizlet, America’s largest online study site.It’s been a classic start-up story. Andrew Sutherland, a San Francisco High School Sophomore back in 2005, was frustrated with studying for a French exam and figured there could be a better, more efficient and engaging way to memorize the French names of farm animals. A computer programmer since seven years old, Andrew went online and built his own study site which he later shared with some friends. Now Quizlet is closing in on five million unique visitors monthly from across the country and remains free to use.

“It just seemed obvious to me that I should be able to share what I'm studying with my friends,” Sutherland explained. “This was before Youtube or Twitter were really known, but there were social sites like Flickr that were great. It's clear when you use Quizlet how much better everyone's learning can be if people are working together to post material and compete for the best scores in study games.”

Learning and technology, especially online studying, has always been open to criticism as being a distraction and not an effective tool. The common refrain usually sounds something like “staring at a computer screen is no way to learn; it’s no different than playing video games or losing time on Facebook.” But Andrew is quick to make sure Quizlet isn’t strictly labeled a Social Media site.

“Quizlet is a platform for studying with friends, so in that way it's social. We're tied into Facebook so that you can instantly see what your friends there have been studying, but we’re not super dependent on social sites, we’re a study site.”

The San Francisco whiz kid, who is now on a leave of absence from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology after completing his junior year, also stressed that Quizlet doesn’t present the pitfalls that usually trip up users of social media.

How to Use Quizlet.com

1. Go to www.quizlet.com

2. In the login box, enter a username.

3. Enter a password.

4. You will be brought to the home page where you can view and study Upward Bound’s flashcards.

5. Click on “my dashboard” and choose the set of flashcards that you would like to study.

6. After you click on your choice of flashcard sets, you will be brought to a page where the electronic flashcards are displayed. You can study the flashcards and then use one of the four study options listed below the flashcards:

Learn- this option allows you to type in your answers and it will
count how many terms you get correct and incorrect. Quizlet will
also keep track of your problem terms and how many times you
missed each term.

Test- the test option lets the user set up the kind of test that they
think will most likely resemble the test that they are studying for. You
can create tests with multiple choice, true/false, matching, and
written test questions. Quizlet will grade your practice test and show
the right answers for the terms that you missed.

Scatter- scatter is one of the two games that are offered on
Quizlet.com. In scatter, your terms are scattered across the screen
and you move the term on top of the definition or vice versa. Doing
this correctly will earn you points in the game.

Space Race is the second game offered on Quizlet.com. This game
is most effective because you have to type out each term while the
definition is scrolling across the screen. You have to finish typing the
term correctly, before the definition gets to the end on the screen to
earn points.

7. Another service that Quizlet offers is physical flashcards. You can print flashcards directly from the website, cut them apart, tape them together, and have your flashcards ready on the go!

8. You can also set up your own account so that you have study cards specifically for your own classes! Start learning!

By: D'Arcy Simmons - Meng