Mango is a language learning software program and is widely used in public libraries throughout the community; I believe that Shawnee Mission School District has a subscription to it. Mango is not a free program, and the only way to obtain a price for a district is to contact a sales representative. The website is: The State Library of Kansas also offers this program online (FREE!) at: Mango has several foreign languages to choose from, but as a former ESL teacher I am very impressed by the ESL offerings. Students can choose to initially learn English from the perspective of their native language, which is great for beginners. The program is offered to students grades 5-12 and best of all, it allows students to work at their own current language level and at their own pace. This is essential in the ESL classroom. Unlike a foreign language class (such as French, Spanish, etc.), students in an ESL class typically have vastly different abilities and experience with English. I have had classes made up of students who were born in the U.S. but lacked academic language skills alongside students who were first exposed to English for a few weeks for months. Their needs varied greatly and this program would allow such students to participate at their own level in the language. Geared towards language learners, it takes their unique needs into account (I have been in schools where the Special Education curriculum is taught in the ESL classroom). An ESL teacher (or the librarian) could set up a Google+ community specifically for a given group of students and provide links and information about the Mango software. I think this would be a remarkable tool to supplement an ESL teacher’s classroom.

Angela Patterson