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What is Edmodo?

Edmodo is a secure, social learning platform for teachers, students, schools and districts. It provides safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share content and access homework, grades and school notices.

What does Edmodo Cost?

Edmodo is FREE for everyone!

What is Edmodo used for?
Engaging students: The set up of Edmodo is a lot like the set up of other social media sites that students love to use. The set up is very familiar to facebook and twitter, this grabs the students attention and keeps them interested!
Communication: Edmodo makes communication between students, parents, teacher, staff and peers easy! Parents can connect to Edmodo and monitor their child's homework, grades and ask teachers questions. Teachers can make connections with teachers from other schools for easy advice, resources and sharing of experience. School districts can create their own networks or groups for communicating within a school. Students and teachers can communicate anytime of the day. Teachers can quickly and easily send their classes messages, notes, assignments, files, links, polls, post grades and add things to the class calendar or a students calendar.
Classroom Management: Edmodo makes keeping track of students grades and assignments a breeze. Each time a student hands in an assignment the teacher will receive a notification. The teacher can then grade the assignment and then post the grade of the assignment. When the teacher is ready they can then transfer all the grades to their grade book. Class discussions, polls and assignments can be created using Edmodo.
Sharing: Teachers can connect with communities which are created by subject area and content. Inside these communities teachers can share resources, discuss best practices and connect with other teachers. Teachers can also use Edmodo to share anything with their students, some examples include: notes, assignments, files, links, polls, grades and inputting in to the calendar.
Use Less Paper: Using Edmodo saves paper! Assignments can easily be created or edited digitally and then turned in on Edmodo. The teacher can then quickly open up the assignment annotate it, close the assignment and post the grade. No need for printing!
Absent From School: Edmodo is a lifesaver for those teachers and/or students who are gone frequently. Edmodo allows students and teachers the ability to be able to communicate from home or another location besides school. Teachers can post assignments or lessons on Edmodo and students can then access them and complete them even if they are not at school that day. If you are teacher who is gone often for activities or sporting events this is an awesome way to still be able to post and grade assignments or lessons and still be able to communicate with students on the road. You can also download the Edmodo app on most cell pones, to stay connected!

Check out the slide below for the top 20 ways to use Edmodo.

Personal Evaluation:

I use Edmodo in all of the classes I teach. I also coach scholars bowl and use it for that too. I absolutely love Edmodo and my students do too. I am going to go over just some of the reasons I use Edmodo.
One of the reasons I use it is because I can communicate easily with my students and their parents. Parents constantly have access to my class calendars, their student’s assignments and graded assignments.
I rarely have to print papers for my students because I just post everything on Edmodo. Edmodo has a library where a teacher can upload their documents and then share them with their students.
My students are in the habit of getting on Edmodo first thing with they come to class every day. When they come to class, they sit down and log on to Edmodo and answer the bell work questions I have posted for the day.
Edmodo makes it simple for me as a teacher to go through and quickly grade assignments. Teachers can also annotate student’s papers they have submitted without having to download the assignment or paper, make comments or corrections, save it and then upload the assignment. Each class has their own calendar that you can post events to. And to make your life easier, every time you make an assignment it automatically puts the assignment on the calendar for the students.
One of the other reasons why I am constantly on Edmodo and using it is that fact that you can collaborate with other teachers all over the world. I have found tons of resources that I use in my classes through Edmodo.
I cannot think of any reasons why a person would not want to use it. It is quick and easy to set up, it makes your life easier, it lets you communicate easily with students and parents and it allows you network!

Want to learn more or interested in joining?
Check out this Edmodo guide to explain it all!

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