I joined Diigo https://www.diigo.com/learn_more in an effort to become familiar witha social media tool that can be used to build a personal learning/knowledge network. On this site one can collect, organize, and access websites.
This site offers several features:
  • websites can be bookmarked
  • lists can be created with the bookmarked sites
  • tags can be used to search among the bookmarked sites
  • pictures from the bookmarked sites can be used to search through them
  • webslides can be created to view the sites that have been bookmarked
  • web pages can be highlighted and notes can be added to them
  • bookmarked sites can be accessed from any computer or iPhone anywhere
  • bookmarked sites can be made private or public
  • sites can easily be shared with others through a direct posting to a blog, facebook or twitter
  • a personal learning network can be created by importing and/or inviting friends to follow with common interests
  • groups can be created to conduct research with members adding bookmarked sites and participating in group discussions
  • two types of education accounts are offered-one for a school and one for individual teachers
  • the teacher account can be used with classes of students
  • three types of plans are available-free, basic for $20 a year and premium for $40 a year
This site is very easy to use. The ability to bookmark is always available on the toolbar while looking at a website. Using this site would be beneficial to me. I frequently get to work and need a site that I have saved on my home computer. I also have many sites saved in favorites on my home computer. Finding the one I need at the time I need it is sometimes difficult. This is a tool that I anticipate continuing to use.
Diigo would also be a great asset professionally. Creating a group for sharing sites and ideas discovered on the web with other district librarians would be useful. In addition it would be a great resource for various grade levels if used in the same manner.

Penny Cruz