While I explored Diigo I bookmarked several sites which I will use in my current job as media specialist. Three of these sites were blogs. One of these was from edublog. http://edublogs.org/news/ Weekly reviews of blogs are conducted by the staff. I felt this would be helpful so that I too could review outstanding blogs. While looking at this blog I was led to an elementary school library blog. http://oteslibrary.edublogs.org/ It is a combination blog and website, a weblog. I have yet to create my library’s webpage and felt this blog had lots of great ideas which I could recreate on my own webpage. She had the usual information concerning staff, hours, teachers, programs, etc. However, she also had some items that I had not seen before. One of these was a bookshelf from amazon.com. In addition she had book trailers and contests tied to books. I also bookmarked another blog from an elementary school librarian. http://mrschureads.blogspot.com/ It too had some great ideas as well as a number of book trailers. All of these sites will be visited numerous times-especially as I try creating my webpage.
The blogs led me to a bookshelf on amazon.com http://www.shelfari.com/ . I also joined this site. A member is able to fill a bookshelf with books that they have read or plan to read. Members are able to connect with other members with similar interests.
After the bookshelf, I went to sites offering book trailers. I found three that I thought would give me great access to numerous book trailers. The first of these, http://www.slimekids.com/book-trailers/ , contains trailers for students in grade 3 and up. The trailers can be easily accessed by grade level. Another site with abundant book trailers is http://www.booktrailersforreaders.com/home . Because many of the trailers on this site were made by the author these book trailers are a little different and add variety. The last site I bookmarked was a section of youtube. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=book+trailers+for+elementary&oq=book+trailers+for+elementary&gs_l=youtube-reduced.3... The book trailers contained here have been posted on the site by a variety of sources.
The bookshelf and book trailers are both items which are now bookmarked and should be easy to access once I start pulling together a web page.
Another idea noted on the blog from the Old Town Elementary School site was a contest for students. The contest involved a remake of a story into a comic format. A link to http://www.readwritethink.org/search/?resource_type=16 was provided. This led to ReadWriteThink.org. The linked interactive allows comic strips to be created. The site also contains other student interactives as well as lessons for teachers. I believe I could utilize this site when creating library lessons, when providing web page activities and when sharing ideas with teachers.

Penny Cruz